Reciprocating high consumer ratings

Companies strive to get their products or services to the market, meet the aspirations and fulfill the needs of their customers and do so by generating profit.

Towards this end they conduct extensive market research which would give them consumer ratings for their products as well as those of their competitors.

It is based on these findings that they would strategize their traditional or digital marketing plans to meet those aspirations and needs of their customer.

Conducting market research especially for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) entails recruiting and providing jobs to many young men and women who would conduct the basic requirements of gathering the required information for tabulation and conclusion by the research companies.

These young folk are those who have left school recently and would want to earn some extra money to keep them abreast with the fashion world, by utilizing the monies they earn to buy new clothes or hang out with their friends at places patronized by their peers.

They could also take up environmental issues with their peers like the hot topic, which is ensuring the world going the solar way, just to be recognized as lovers of nature.