Categories Of Roasted Coffee

Coffee roasting is very important in retaining the flavours of the coffee and makes it a perfect beverage for all times. It is very difficult for many people to start a day or spend time in the office without sipping a cup of coffee. It is like an energy booster for the whole of the day. According to the coffee experts the perfectly specialty coffee Brisbane actually give the most delightful taste. Hence, coffee roasting is an integral factor in getting the best coffee. Coffee roasting is defined as a process of creating delightful coffee out of the raw beans,

Generally, the coffee beans are roasted at four different levels namely light, medium, medium-dark and dark. 


  • Light roasts mean that the beans are roasted to a colour that is a lighter shade of brown. The lightly roasted beans are recognized by the lighter body and an oil-free surface. In these kinds of roasted beans, the beans do not lose their flavours. The flavours of light brown roasted beans are too close to the natural as compared to the dark roasted coffee beans. As the beans are roasted to a temperature of 356 to 401 degrees Fahrenheit they start popping up. Besides undergoing the cracking the beans also start expanding in size soon after the first cracking happens. The light roasting is further classified into New England Roast, Light City Roast, Cinnamon Roast and Half City.
  • Medium roasts are a little darker and bigger than the lightly roasted beans. Those who prefer the grainy flavour and the natural aroma of the light roasts would find these two missing in the medium roasts. Despite this, the medium roasted coffee beans have something really special and that is the enhanced flavour and the acidity. The caffeine levels are also reduced to minimal levels. The medium roasted beans are obtained between 410 and 428 degrees Fahrenheit. The popular types of medium roasted coffee are Regular Roast, American Roast, Breakfast Roast and the City Roast. 
  • Medium-dark roasts are tastier in taste and darker in colour. In such kind of roasted coffee, the skin is covered with the oil. This kind of coffee has a colour darker than the medium roasted version but lighter than the darker version. The required beans are obtained after roasting till the second cracking is halfway through. This means roasting up to the temperature of 437 to 450 degrees. This kind of coffee is also known as the Full city roast of After Dinner Roast.


Dark roasts are the darkest version of the coffee amongst all. It looks similar to dark chocolate in its colour. Some of the dark coffee is roasted to such high temperatures that they seem black in colour. The roasting temperature for such coffee is 465 to 480 degrees. The popular types of dark roasted coffee are French toast, Italian Roast, New Orleans and Espresso.