Get Your Land Clear Of Financial And Environment Liabilities!

It would be disastrous to think of leaving your land untreated for contamination of asbestos testing and other hazardous minerals for a longer period of time. In addition to other challenges and risks, it would add to potential environmental and financial liabilities.

To avoid those liabilities, get your land cleared through a remedial action plan before making it available for sale or any use.

Here is all you need to know:

  • A remedial action plan includes assessment of a contaminated piece of land, identification of types and level of contaminants, available treatments and cost.
  • It is necessary that your piece of land should be in compliance with environment regulations. It is only then fit for sale and execution of any project.
  • A contaminated piece of land if left untreated is in direct violation of environment protection laws. The risk of heavy liabilities including fines is greater.
  • Avoid environmental liabilities by implementing a remedial action plan. It is advised seek services of a land assessment consultant and approach the plan in a more systematic way.
  • It does not cost much to get your land treated immediately and effectively. It, if left untreated for a longer period of time, would cost you much higher. Inflationary aspects can have an impact on cost of the treatment if left for implementation in the future.
  • It also bears a risk of increasing financial liabilities. It would erode value of your land. It would attract less investors. Buyers generally want to see a land clear of all liabilities before committing their investment into it.
  • You stand chance of losing your land value, if its value because of contaminated soil is adjusted in its deal. A clean land certificate would guarantee you to fetch a market value for your land.
  • A remedial action plan for treatment of your land would save you on value of your land. By leaving it for future it would cost you more.
  • It is also a riskier choice if your land is in residential area. It could pose serious risk to community health and could draw a quick attention and response from environment protection authorities.
  • It would be even harder for you then to convince potential investors to invest into your piece of land. They would know the level of risk involved and would shy away from any commitment.
  • So, avoid above and many other risks and get treatment of your contaminated land through a remedial action plan.
  • An effective and immediate treatment is even more important if you are residing in your property. It poses a serious danger to health and safety of your family members. Asbestos and other minerals can cause cancer and other diseases, which sometimes are untreatable or cost of their treatment is too high and painful.
  • It is recommended to seek an appointment with a land assessment consultant to discuss a remedial action plan for treatment of your contaminated land. It would save you from a lot of difficulties. Visit Hazmat Services to find out more details.