Things To Know About Pet’s Air Transport In Cargo Hold

The animal has been the best and oldest human companion. There is no history of the time when people don’t have pets at their home. In older time, even every household had pets like cow, horses, hens, dogs etc. These pets were not only for entertainment or companionship but also, they were used to provide daily food requirements like milk, meat or eggs. But as food production has improved and become commercialized, the trend of keeping domestic have dramatically reduced. But now the pets are mostly kept for companionship and people get attached to their pets. The most common and popular animal that is kept as a pet is a dog. The dog is said to be the most faithful companion for human. People also take off their dogs as their children and are also very sensitive about their wellbeing.

But there are many scenarios that when they’re travelling to a different country to place, they also want to take their dog with them. But in the case of road transport, this can be easily managed but what if you are travelling by air. Things become stressful when air travelling will be long routes. Then there are certain tips that you need to follow for the safe transport of your dog.

• Check with the airline: Usually, the airline allows pet in the passenger cabin but if they fall in allowed size. For example, if your dog is over 11 inches and weighs more than 15 pounds, then it will be transferred to the cargo hold. So, it is always better to check the height and weight of your dog before going to the airport. Don’t be afraid of sending your dog in the cargo hold because millions of pet’s transports in the year and hardly there is any incident while transporting. Link here offer a great service for transporting dog in a good manner.

• Medical Check-up: Before the transportation of your dog with you or without you. It is always better to visits veterinarian. The vet advice will help you to make the decision that rather your dog should travel or not. They may be healthy or effect with any disease, so it’s better to defer the travel. 

• Choose the Right Route: In case the dog has to travel in the cargo hold, then you have to select the flying route carefully. It is better to select the single flight so that your pet doesn’t have to face the stress of loading in the cargo hold for more than once. As it will save your hassle of looking for the pet cage at the airport before boarding on next flight.

• Good equipment: Always select the metal cage for your dog transportation. If you have selected the long route flight then it’s important to have a water bowl in the cage. The cage should be big enough so that your pet can easily maneuver in it. It is not preferable to use plastic made cage because they will not be able to bear harsh loading and unloading blows.